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Green Sea Resurfacing Therapy

Green Sea Resurfacing Therapy

An incredible resurfacing treatment that targets hyperpigmentation, stimulates fibroblast activity, and immensely improves skin texture.

Prior to booking ensure the following:

  • One week prior to service DO NOT use hydrating masks and moisturizers
  • For those prone to PIH, make sure you are using a tyrosinase inhibitor for at least 2 weeks beforehand (DM to discuss specific product)
  • DO NOT wash the skin for 24 hours after treatment, and avoid any activities which would increase body temperature (working out, saunas, hot showers) for 48 hours.
  • Recommend a series of 2 or 3 treatments for best results.

WARNING: DO NOT BOOK if you have been on or currently using Accutane. Severe adverse reaction WILL occur!

NOT recommended for those with severe shellfish allergy


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