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Brow Revival

Brow Revival

Brow hair is just like the hair on your head, depending on how healthy your brow hair follicles are, it can take a full 12 to 16 weeks to see the fullest potential in your hair growth. If you have over-plucked your eyebrows in the past or have naturally sparse brows, there are ways to encourage this hair to grow," says Parti. "Patience is key here along with the right products that will stimulate natural hair growth. Constant tinting can wear the cuticles on the hair shaft which ultimately makes them brittle over time. This service utilizes, silk protein, peptides, and 100% black castor oil that is rich in fatty acids that will help strengthen and rebuild the hair structure and replenish hydration. paired with a Peptide Undereye Mask beneath the eye to relieve the appearance of tired, discolored, or dehydrated skin.


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