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Dewy Glow Sugar Scrub Recipe

Dewy Glow Sugar Scrub Recipe

Posted on 10 Jul 2022

I’m not one on promoting the DIY type of skin products but I am in the works of formulating my own (shhh). There are many recipes out on the world wide web that is reported that you can create things right from your pantry. But the key thing to consider is when mixing ingredients and blending items in your pantry – there have to be checks and balances. For example, your skin cannot really “digest” any mashed-up food that you apply to your skin. Great for hydration and all but often you’ll end up messing with your skin's natural barrier or pH levels.

Now there is one type of product that I feel you can make at home with some stipulations, like body scrubs – particularly sugar scrubs. These scrubs usually call for sugar and skin-loving body oil – and when you mix these two combinations you’ll need an ingredient that can harmoniously blend both oil and water – this ingredient is referred to as an emulsifier. This will help keep your oils meshing in harmony rather than just sitting on top of your skin. Additionally, you’ll need a preservative to add to your product that will prevent things like mold from forming – yech!

So with this DIY sugar scrub – if you make it in a very small batch and use it within 1 to 2 months you should be fine. Just try not to get any outside water in your container! Perhaps invest in a little scoop that you can either reuse or is biodegradable.

So onto this simple recipe –

To begin, we are making one batch that will last at least a month or two.


1 Cup of Granulated Sugar

3 Tbsp of jojoba or sweet almond oil

10 – 15 drops of your favorite essential oil (i.e. lavender, peppermint, grapefruit…)

Optional – Vitamin E Oil ( 1 – 5 drops)


In a medium glass bowl, add wet ingredients first, combine thoroughly, then slowly add the sugar until it becomes a consistency you like.

Once combined, transfer into a glass container (like a mason jar – sterilized first of course). Tightly screw the lid and voila!


Do not use your fingers to prevent cross-contamination – instead, a mini scoop or spoon will be a better option. Apply to the body – particularly your elbows and knees – I wouldn’t suggest using this on your face as for some, the sugar granules may be a bit abrasive – but if you choose, then go easy on the essential oils. Fragrances tend to irritate some.

Store in a cool dry place – avoid keeping in your shower as water can get into the container and you may have some funky bacteria growth!

Be sure to use it within 1 – 2 months. If it's been sitting longer – just toss it and make a new batch!

When you try this recipe I’d love to know your thoughts!

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